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Women's Day Special: Who are REALLY EXPLOITING the women.? Men or women themselves..?



First of all, I would like to mention that:

1. I'm NOT supporting 'male-chauvinism...!

2. This AghilhaM website is owned by my wife, who is a friend, mother, family head, etc., etc...! - refer: about us (new window)

3. I'm doing a 'research' in "Gender Behavior and Gender Cross-Behavior" - if you want to refer, please visit: Ever wondered why some male behaves like female & female behaves like male? (members only-new window)

For ELSI reasons (Ethical, Legal and Social Issues), the full research theory has not been published yet.

4. I'm analyzing the women's issues by our AghilhaM's Segment Numerology Concept.

5. My ultimate aim is to guide and solve the WOMEN ISSUES,  by way of using, the power of thoughts, philosophy, psychology, scientific, occult, numerology, living togetherness love, graphology, alternative medicinal and spiritual methods.

I'm going to publish each below mentioned articles, one-by-one, till 'Women's Day'.


Let me come to the today's topic of 'Exploitation'.

Are there any differences between Men and Women?

YES! There  are plenty of differences!


Are they not EQUAL...?

YES! They are NOT-AT-ALL EQUAL by any means! 
(only equality is both are HUMANS)

I'm NOT claiming that either Male is superior than Female or Female is superior than Male. 

Women are NOT weaker sex. In fact as per saying, "Stronger sex is the weaker sex, because of the 'weakness' of the stronger sex for the weaker sex."- just kidding ;-)

But, mine is the theory of BEHAVIOR - Gender Cross-Behavior, by way of analyzing through Segment Numerology.


If it's so, how come Gender Cross-Behavior have any relationship with the EXPLOITATIONS?

It's difficult to answer straight-away. Let me first 'explain' the Gender Cross-Behavior.

It varies from person to person. It can be sensed by the following factors:

body gesture, tone, voice, posture, way of emotion, melancholy, possessiveness, boldness, walking style, dress sense, color sense, hair style, voice-modulation, always crying for nothing, ever fighting, arguments, ever fighting by physical or by using weapons, eating habits, smelling, wearing ornaments, rough and tough behaviors, liking bitter and sour taste, valiant,  courageous, violent, etc., etc.,

These are all making them, to be different from each other...!


Then, who are exploiting the women...?

ONLY the Women are exploiting by themselves.

Who are Exhibiting, Exposing and Fascinating themselves to others...? Men or women...? 
(published on 03-03-2003)

Which women will have 'CHILD BIRTH ISSUES'...? 
(published on 04-03-2003)

Which women can INDEPENDENTLY lead their life, without anybody's support?
(published on 05-03-2003)

Why CONFLICTS are occurring only between Daughter-In-Law and Mother-In-Law, but not between Son-In-Law and Father-In-Law...? (published on 06-03-2003)

Which women are NOT GETTING others' support, assistance or help? & Which women are BLAMING others for their domination...? 
(published on 07-03-2003)

Which women are involved or associated with Women's LIBERATION issues? (published on 08-03-2003)



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