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This is the day... 20th March - 
The Day of Terrorism - (20-03-2003)






"Either you be with us or you are against us...!"

branding 'SOME' people as terrorists, 

conveniently 'BENDING' the International Laws 
and UN, 

'CRUSHING' the accused with 

'KILLING' the innocent people in the name of war, 

INDUCING' the terrorism, 

US Bush and UK puppet Blair 
pointing Sadam as terrorist, 

millions and millions of International community 
'POINTING'  Bush and Blair as 'TERRORISTS', 

some 'PEOPLE' were not even ready to 
'LISTEN' the world's voice, 

declared as a 'MAJOR SUCCESS', 

visualizing them as 'LIBERATORS' and 
recommending them for 'Noble Peace Prize' 
by other 'puppets'

hard-to-find the WMD, 

hard-to-find the 'ACCUSES', 

hard-to-find the 'CHARGES', 


'BUGGING the UN', 

'COLLAPSING' the world peace, 

'COLLAPSING' the world economy, 

'SETTING'  a new way of 'DICTATORSHIP' 
among International Community, 

'SETTING'  a new way of 'DICTATORSHIP' 
among International Countries, 






Hard to forget...!

Hard to forget the day!!



This is the day... 
The 'War on Peace has BEGUN...!
The Day of Terrorism!!!



Day of Terrorism in the name of 
'War Against Terrorism'.


Iraq War - 
20-03-2003 - 
The Day of Terrorism


Please read, think and realize from:  
'War on Peace has BEGUN...!'

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Let us 'rejoice' the peace by this 'war'...!
Let us ENCOURAGE peace activities!
Let us love our Mothers and also our Earth Mother!



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