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The WAR on PEACE is 'an other form' of TERRORISM...!?!



'The War on Terrorism' 
is not   W I N N I N G...?!


(The war on terrorism does not work. Every week, there are new reports of bombings and hostage-taking in different parts of the world.)

It should be eradicated.
No one will have second opinion in it.


There are so many other ways 
to eradicate the terrorism.


If war is the solution, it will only induce further violence on innocent people and nurtures feelings of hate and revenge that lead to terrorism.


The WAR on PEACE is ' an other form' of TERRORISM...!?!

But, the War on 'PEACE' will 
What'll be the 'use'...?


The 'war' will be interesting.

But the 'peace' may not be that much interesting.


The War will SPOIL 
each and everybody's GOOD Life 
and also 'The World Peace'.


Do we need it...?


United we stand for Peace! God Bless us!!


"Glory to God in the highest, 
and on earth peace to men 
on whom his favor rests"

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