You are here: Home > Numbers / Marriage / Medicine / GenealogyEver wondered why some 'male behaves like female' & 'female behaves like male'?

Ever wondered why some
'male behaves like female' & 'female behaves like male'?



I'm releasing this article, to the public, as this 'knowledge has come to me', because of my bitter sweet experiences, the sudden accidental intuitions, by the blessings of 'My Own One Lord' and the vast researches made to check the truth.

From this research article, I'm trying to explore the Segment Numerology's influence on gender identity, with or without their knowledge.

Why this reference is published in Member's Only Area?
To avoid the children to view / know / understand this concept in a wrong way, and also to avoid 'childish adults' too.

It's only for the 'really interested people', to know the 'Reality of life and the influences of Birth Segment, Name Segment and the most commonly Known Single Calling Name'.

What is the 'definition' of 'Male' and 'Female'?
It varies from person to person. It can be sensed by the following factors: body gesture, tone, voice, posture, way of emotion, melancholy, possessiveness, boldness, walking 
style, dress sense, color sense, hair style, voice-modulation, always crying for nothing, ever fighting, arguments, ever 
fighting by physical or by using weapons, eating habits, smelling, wearing ornaments, rough and tough behaviors, resultant effect, liking bitter and sour taste, valiant,  courageous, violent, etc., etc.,

Can it be proved by medical theory?
Yes, it can be proved even by Normal Allopathic Medical Diagnosis like studying the hormones and chromosomes.

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