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Wow!GoodGoing on..BoringWhat to say?

Life FAQ InterestingSomewhat usefulOkay So what?Sorry, I am busy
eMaga Useful to othersUseful to meIf Others life, OkayBoringWaste of time


Wow! Is it?Seems true...mmmmmConfusing...  Gimmicks

Signature How come useful? Surprising  Funny NothingRubbish
Marriage Very useful  Compromised Not clear UselessAbsurd
God Yes SureReflection of fear No comments God!!! Good business
Alt.Medicine Sometimes usefulNo, certainly notAlternative effect?Faith basedCheating business
Faith Does wondersSuperstitious Yawning  MadnessFaith in what?
Genealogy It's true!InterestingRubbishFaith BasedFluke
Services Good AverageVery  DelayNo responseVery poor



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