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Our Pet Animals



AghilhaM wishes you a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful New Year 2011

Again our Topsy, Fawn Labrador Retriever delivered her second litter at the age of 3.5 years. 

Puppies born on 16-11-2010

Number of Puppies: 7

Black colour Male: 2 Nos.,

Fawn colour Male: 3 Nos. ,

Fawn colour Female: 2 Nos. 

Born & brought up in pure homely environment.

By God's Grace all the puppies found their 'New Homes'. 
May The Almighty God Bless our puppies and their owners.

Click to view the enlarged photos (at the age of 54 days)

black pup - white ribbon-1.jpg (37988 bytes)

White Ribbon

black pup - white ribbon-2.jpg (62571 bytes)

White Ribbon

black pup - white ribbon-3.jpg (68532 bytes)

White Ribbon

fawn female pup - brown ribbon-1.jpg (59176 bytes)

Female Brown

black pup - yellow ribbon-2.jpg (73463 bytes)

Yellow Ribbon

black pup - yellow ribbon-3.jpg (51758 bytes)

Yellow Ribbon

black pup - yellow ribbon-1.jpg (64587 bytes)

Yellow Ribbon

Topsy's 5 puppies (at the age of 52 days) with our Dato (Boxer - 1 year old) 

's' type sleeping.jpg (50659 bytes)

'S' type sleeping

puppies with mother Topsy and her friend Dato (Boxer).jpg (55778 bytes)

Mother Topsy and her friend Dato (Boxer)

running to win.jpg (40763 bytes)

Running to win

relaxing.jpg (61237 bytes)


black pup under black stairs.jpg (50602 bytes)

Black pup under black stairs

Dato (Boxer) with black pup.jpg (45675 bytes)

Dato (Boxer) with black pup

Dato on duty.jpg (56247 bytes)

Dato on duty

Feasting of the puppies (at the age of 33 days)

Feasting of the puppies

Feasting of the puppies

See our Topsy's last litter next

Dam Topsy
Topsy - Mother

Sire Ch.Caddock(Romeo) owned by Mrs.Divya Menon
Romeo - Father

 Click to view the enlarged photos (new born)

closeup.jpg (29795 bytes)

Puppy's innocence close-up 

puppies-enjoying-mother's-feed.jpg (58451 bytes)

Puppies are enjoying their mother's feed

topsy-infrontof-puppypen.jpg (55894 bytes)

Topsy waiting in front of her puppypen

topsy-feeding-in-puppypen.jpg (56835 bytes)

Topsy feeding her puppies in the puppypen

newborn-puppies.jpg (55392 bytes)

Newborn puppies in a box

Puppies playing in the sofa (at the age of 25 days)

puppies-1.jpg (67412 bytes)

puppies-2.jpg (77540 bytes)

puppies-3.jpg (65214 bytes)

puppies-4.jpg (60723 bytes)

puppies-5.jpg (73612 bytes)

Busy and bored ;) Puppies (at the age of 28 days)

puppies-7.jpg (48206 bytes)

puppies-8.jpg (53424 bytes)

puppies-6.jpg (39475 bytes)

puppies-9.jpg (43332 bytes)

puppies-10.jpg (46399 bytes)

puppies-15.jpg (45687 bytes)

puppies-12.jpg (43474 bytes)

puppies-11.jpg (55500 bytes)

puppies-14.jpg (45426 bytes)

puppies-16.jpg (43324 bytes)

Puppies individual pictures (at the age of 30 days) - coat colour, male/female and ribbon colour details:

puppy-black-male-white-1.jpg (71243 bytes)

puppy-black-male-white-2.jpg (68837 bytes)

puppy-black-male-white-3.jpg (64497 bytes)

puppy-black-male-yellow-1.jpg (54659 bytes)

puppy-black-male-yellow-2.jpg (65863 bytes)

puppy-black-male-yellow-3.jpg (64870 bytes)







puppy-fawn-female-brown-1.jpg (59392 bytes)

puppy-fawn-female-brown-2.jpg (51962 bytes)

puppy-fawn-female-brown-3.jpg (50560 bytes)

puppy-fawn-female-orange-1.jpg (46116 bytes)

puppy-fawn-female-orange-2.jpg (63389 bytes)

puppy-fawn-female-orange-3.jpg (47095 bytes)







puppy-fawn-male-blue-1.jpg (59155 bytes)

puppy-fawn-male-blue-2.jpg (55388 bytes)

puppy-fawn-male-blue-3.jpg (65339 bytes)

puppy-fawn-male-green-1.jpg (46708 bytes)

puppy-fawn-male-green-2.jpg (59629 bytes)

puppy-fawn-male-green-3.jpg (58685 bytes)







puppy-fawn-male-maroon-1.jpg (54053 bytes)

puppy-fawn-male-maroon-2.jpg (59342 bytes)

puppy-fawn-male-maroon-4.jpg (56368 bytes)

puppies-17.jpg (65506 bytes)

puppies-18.jpg (46791 bytes)

puppies-19.jpg (47634 bytes)




... calling to come out

friendly fight

waiting for the day out

Dam Topsy's pedigree tree:

Parents of d.Topsy: s.Ch.Dunnwood's Sencible Choice, d.Pikcy

Parents of s.Ch.Dunnwood's Sencible Choice: s.Ch.Sans Craintes Free Flyer, d.Ch.Poojakila's Atschy
Parents of s.Ch.Sans Craintes Free Flyer: s.Ch.Driftway Star O India, d.Sans Craintes cilchid
Parents of d.Ch.Poojakila's Atschy: s.Ch.Cresswells Gun Powder, d.Blacky

Parents of d.Pikcy: s.Ch.Premier's Dream Come True, d.Dayspring's Dominatior Feena
Parents of s.Ch.Premier's Dream come true: s.Ch.Sans Craintes Thunder Storm, d.Premier's Glamour Girl
Parents of d.Dayspring's Dominatior Feena, s.Max, d.Sen's Rosy

Sire Ch.Caddock's pedigree tree:

Parents of s.Ch.Caddock: s.Driftway Northn Exposure, d.Aust.Ch.Balakrishnan Charlotte

Parents of s.Driftway Northn Exposure: s.Aust.Ch.Driftway Specialvintage, d.Driftway Black Mia
Parents of s.Aust.Ch.Driftway Specialvintage: s.Aust.Ch.Driftway Front Runner, d.Aust.Ch.Driftway Silky Oak (AI)
Parents of d.Driftway Black Mia: s.Aust.Ch.Cambewarra Classic Gold, d.Aust.Ch.Driftway Storm Cloud

Parents of d.Aust.Ch.Balakrishnan Charlotte: s.Aust.Grand.Ch.Driftway Regal Oak (AI), d.Aust.Ch.Gallybob Inca (Imp.UK)
Parents of s.Aust.Grand.Ch.Driftway Regal Oak (AI): s.Eng.Sh.Ch.Rocheby Royal Oak (UK), d.Aust.Ch.Driftway Sailors Lass
Parents of d.Aust.Ch.Gallybob Inca (Imp.UK): s.Eng.Sh.Ch.Sandylands Gad-About (UK), d.Slanwood Hope And Dreams (UK)

See our Topsy's last litter next

Dam Topsy's Pedigree Certificate - Front Page

Dam Topsy's Pedigree Certificate - Front Page

Back Page ('Gypsy' name has been changed to 'Topsy')

Dam Topsy's Pedigree Certificate - Back Page


Sire Caddock's (Romeo) Pedigree Certificate - Front Page

Sire Caddock's (Romeo) Pedigree Certificate - Front Page

Back Page

Sire Caddock's (Romeo) Pedigree Certificate - Back Page


We love pets. 

This is in remembrance of our friendly pet Bugner, a Labrador Retriever, who died four years back.

We have Topsy, lovely pet, the same breed, one of our family member.

See our Topsy's last litter next


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi

"If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans" - James Herriot

"A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself." - Josh Billings

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." - Immanual Kant

Do you know:
In India, as per Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 289. Negligent conduct with respect to animal

Whoever knowingly or negligently omits to take such order with any animal in his possession as is sufficient to guard against any probable danger to human life, or any probable danger of grievous hurt from such animal, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both.

Stop Puppy Mills

PAWS - Pet Animal Welfare Society, New Delhi, INDIA

Are you ready to adopt a pet?

Discuss Pets @ PetLovers.Com

Dog Bite Law: Protect and Defend You and Your Dog

BBC: Would you send your pet to the psychiatrist?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Why Pet Lovers Oppose PAWS

National Animal Interest Alliance

The Kennel Club of India

Dog and Puppy Basic Beginners Course - Dog Breed Training

Dog Breed Reviews: 180 Purebred Dog Breeds

How To Train A Dog, dog training tips and techniques for home based dog trainers

He Wouldn't Leave You …

See our Topsy's last litter next 

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