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Employers! Find your Trustworthy & Loyal Employees
by Segment Numerology!!



This Ready Reference is for the Employers, Higher Officials, Head of the  Organisations, etc., to find your Trustworthy & Loyal employees
for your good development.

(Note: If you are an Employee and want to identify your suitable & helpful Higher Officials, Employers, Organisations, etc., for your good growth in employment & career,
click here. Good Luck!)

You will agree that the employees are
'asset' and 'pillars' of your organisations!

Without their support, no organisation will develop.

How to find, absorb and encourage the suitable employees?

Just imagine that if the Employees are not Trustworthy and Loyal,
then what'll be the use of their talent, smartness, dedication, efficiency, etc., etc.,?

Do you want to identify 'the problem employees'?

Your Trustworthy and Loyal Employees' Birth Segment
will be displayed in three categories
like1) Best, 2) Better and 3) Good.
Then what about Bad, Bitter and Worst categories?
That, you yourself can decide.

Checking by Name Segment can also be done,
but, Birth Segment will be always true.

Check this reference with your past experiences,
compare the genuineness and implement!
Good Luck!!

Check Your Birth Segment
Check Your Name Segment
(Each one opens in a popup window)

Please calculate & know your Birth Segment = BN & TN =
BN = Birth Number = single digit of Birth Date = d+d, 
TN = Total Number = single digit of birth date + month +year = d+d+m+m+y+y+y+y

(Please refer: Numbers & Segment, Numerological Value of Alphabets, Numerological Value of Names, Numerological Value of Sound, The Relationship of Names and SoundNumbers & Faith)
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