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Know your lucky birth stones...! - as per Segment Numerology



There is a belief that Gems like Stones, Jewels & Birth Stones, if worn or kept with them, 
will do 'all wonders'.

This has not been proved, but it is a 'matter of faith'.

This is a Psycho based 'reaction'.

If you too have that type of 'faith & belief'
you can also wear or keep it with you.

If you want to wear Stone Ornaments, please don't go for 'the so called original, pure, precious, well shaped, un-available, non-available, powered by spirit etc., etc..'

You can buy non-precious, artificial, man-made Stone Ornaments
as suggested below.

This is also a Psycho based Color vibrations, 
reaction & therapy (Chromo therapy).

Please calculate & know your Birth Segment BN & TN:
Check to Know Your Birth Segment,
(opens in a popup window)

(BN=single digit of Birth Date=d+d,
TN=single digit of birth date + month +year= d+d+m+m+y+y+y+y), 

and click  the respective links.

Please don't wear ANY stones,

(1) If you have more than two same numbers in BN & TN  as '1 & 1' and Name numbers as '1 & 2'. (i.e: If a same Number repeats more than twice, 
please don't wear any stones.)

(2) And avoid wearing the stones, as per the Tips given in the result pages

(Please refer: Numbers & Segment, Numerological Value of Alphabets, Numerological Value of Names, Numerological Value of Sound, The Relationship of Names and Sound, Numbers & Faith)
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