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Numbers and Death Segment - 
Segment Numerology & Death Date - 
Ready Reference - Introduction



You know the Date of Birth...!
Do you know the Date of Death....?

What is Death Segment?
Death Segment = DN & TN
DN = Death Number = Single digit of Death Date = d + d
TN = Total Number = Single digit of Death Date + month + year = d+d+m+m+y+y+y+y), 

What is the use of knowing one's Death Segment?
In fact, there is no use at all.
This is to prove the strong influence of one's Birth Segment throughout their entire life, including the DEATH. 

Can death be predicted?
No. God alone knows it.

Can death be stopped ?
No. It cannot be stopped but can be postponed. That too depends...!

Is it true that one will die on their birth segment only?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Check it out!

Is it a serious or a jovial one?
It depends on how you take it.

Can it be proved?
Yes. It can be proved.

Disclaimer: God alone decides one's death

 Are you prepared? This reference is to check one's Death Segment. Similarly to check one's Birth Segment by using Death Segment.

This method of finding the real Death Segment to anybody (if they don't know their Birth Segment), can be done only by referring their own blood related father, mother, their own brothers, sisters, sons, daughters.

Calculate their Birth Segment, click the respective links, then you can see their Death Segment. 

To know the genuineness of our concept,
verify some famous personalities' 
Birth & Death Segments,
which can be referred by visiting these sites

WhoWhatWhen - Interactive Historical Timelines
 ( 624 Bytes GIF 88 x 31 )

Our Theory of Birth - Death Segment will not go wrong,

If their Birth Segment is calculated correctly.
If their Death Segment is calculated correctly.
If 'The Death' is prolonged by special medical care.

AghilhaM welcomes your feedback.

Design Check Your Birth Segment
(opens in a popup window)

If it varies, check all their segments, then come to a conclusion that the most repeated result is their original, correct and true death segment.

Are you prepared...? That is..., are you mentally prepared?

Go ahead!

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