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Numerology and Date of Birth - Cross-check the Birth Segment 
- Date, Month and Year!



This will be applicable, only to the people, born by Normal Delivery.

First of all check your Birth Segment by using 
the following basic program:

Check Your Birth Segment
Check Your Day Of Birth
(Each one opens in a popup window)

The following reference is to check whether your 
Birth Segment is correct or not.

For example, if you born around midnight (even from 11.00 pm to 1.00 am),
if you do have doubt in your real Date of Birth,
if you born before 'sun rise time, which you have been told as 
previous day as your birth day', please check by this method!

Birth Time of 11.59 pm should not be taken as just Previous Day and
Birth Time by 12.01 am as the Next Day.

Birth Time 'even from Approximately 11 pm to 1 am'
also can not be just taken as Previous Day or Next Day.

As, 'Birth' is  'A Slow Divine Process by The Lord',
'so called accurate Birth Time' alone can not be The Birth Time and Birth Date!

Birth Date should not be calculated with the 'BIRTH TIME' alone.

That is why, we suggest you to check your Date of Birth, 
by referring others.

This method to find your real Birth Segment,
can be done only by referring your own
Father, Mother, your own blood related Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters.

Calculate their birth segment, (opens in popup window)

 Click the respective links below, then you can find 
your REAL Birth Segment.

If it varies, check all their Segments,
then come to a conclusion that the most repeated result is
your original, correct and true Birth Segment.

You will find the results as funny, amazing 
and will realise the genuineness

(Please refer: Numbers & Segment, Numbers & Faith)
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