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Prediction / Prophesy / Forecast / Foretelling of Year 2004 - paranormal analysis as per Segment Numerology!



This is the 'prediction' for each and everybody,
to 'discover and analyse', 
their own SWOT - 
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats 
and also the DMA - 
Develop, Maintain & Avoid Tips, for the year 2004.

By this way, 
we are trying to guide that 
everyone in 2004, CAN lead 
a suitable, desirable and successful life 
by discovering, realising, admitting, 
analysing and utilising 
their SWOT and DMA.

These readings are based only on AghilhaM's Segment Numerology Concept, generalized for everyone, for this year 2004. 

This is NOT anyway related with astrology, horoscope, star readings, other numerology and also other means of paranormal practices. 

Our whole hearted intention is, just to encourage and to fully utilise this 'wonderful' New Year 2004, to LIVE. These suggestions are NOT to discourage 
or hurt anybody for any reasons. 

will find the knowledge and ways to get successes;
gaining popularity among public;
will be loving others and lovable by others;
will start to have some life aims, ambitions and goals;
will have eagerness to implement everything;
not bothering the worries;
not getting depressed in failures;
will be having 'powerful' friends;
will have stubbornness in determination;
will have the tendency to overcome others;
will be very keen in five sensory organs.

longing for pleasurable life;
will have the tendency to dominate others;
want to live a luxurious life;
will have to face some sudden depressions;
will be having unnecessary worries regarding the health;
have to face slowness in decisions;
will have foolish slavery in love and affection;
without any reasons, always dislike if once dislikes something; 
will have to face difficulties because of luxury and extravagance.

in getting popularity;
in gaining for every novel ideas;
in handling the problems in smiling way;
in knowing the power of love;
in finding the ways because of stubbornness in determinations;
in having powerful friends.

because of being in dilemma and in careless mentality;
because of being slow in taking any decisions;
because of being foolish slavery in love and affection.

not to get depressions in failures;
eagerness to implement all that studied;
to be on aims;
to keep the face smiling;
the stubbornness in determinations.

the popularity in public;
the powerful friendships;
loving others and lovable by others;
by not bothering the worries.

without any reason, don't dislikes anything; 
extravagant tendency;
foolish slavery in love and affection;
living by overcoming and dominating others.


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Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!