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14th May, 2006
00.30 IST (+05.30 GMT)

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Tamil Nadu Election-2006 News Front Page

We will not live as slaves!
We will never seek separation!
We will unite as equals.

AIADMK's motto as per their website

Rights of  Freedom of Press & Speech - during AIADMK ruling. read



"Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn anything from history."  -- George Bernard Shaw

"The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid." -- Art Spander

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."  -- Benjamin Disraeli

We are TOTALLY confused... 

What to say and what not to say... 

But we will definitely comment the present election scenario, as we are also 'voters' and we 'too' have our own opinion, in the coming days...!

I am not involved or having any type of relationship with any political parties. I think that I don't need to be. ... The present scenario of election campaigns...

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha’s interview on BBC World’s HARDtalk India published in BBC on 30th September, 2004

We would like to share some selected - neutral  opinions, articles, essays, reports, studies published in other online news medias for our readers. (each will open in new windows)

Karunanidhi sworn in as CM for 5th time

House bitten, twice shy
Power in the hands of the DMK is like “a garland given to a monkey”, Jayalalithaa added

SMSs and political satires on TN polls 

DMK returns in Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha stunned

DMK alliance: Total=163  DMK=96 INC=34 PMK=18 CPM=9 CPI=6

AIADMK alliance:  Total=69  ADMK=61 MDMK=6 VCK=2

Others: Total=2  DMDK=1 IND=1


EC notices to Jaya, DMK for poll code violation The Commission has sought an explanation from the party by Saturday evening.

Campaigning ends in Tamil Nadu Campaigning for Monday's elections to Tamil Nadu's 234-member assembly ended Saturday with more promises from the AIADMK and DMK, even as the Election Commission pulled up the warring Dravidian parties for violating model code of conduct. 

Unprecedented security for TN polls The EC has issued notice to Jaya TV for telecasting some video-cassettes without prior permission of the committee constituted by the EC, he said. 

No VAT if AIADMK comes to power: Jayalalithaa Tamil Nadu will not implement the Value Added Tax (VAT) system till the Centre incorporates amendments to the VAT Act, Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa said today.

DMK chief makes yet another promise ... would demolish all old slum clearance board tenements, reconstruct them and hand it over to the current owners. 

05-05-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Crossing the Rubicon...Tamil Nadu style Over the years, cynical and shameless manipulation of the poor and powerless voters through competitive populism has become the dominant feature of our elections.

This must stop. If the parties have any sense of shame and spirit of public service left in them, they must come together to put an end to this culture of mendicancy. 

Sonia Gandhi lashes out at ‘autocratic’ Jayalalitha “The people of Tamil Nadu are being ruled by AIADMK which is led by an autocratic leader”.

“There are some people who were with us earlier but recently left us”, Sonia said and then questioned: “Why are these people speaking against us now? Why did they not question us then” and then she finally concludes:” It is a sheer opportunism that they represent”.

DMK would quit UPA if MDMK continued: Karunanidhi

BJP complaints to CEC on freebies "The above kind of freebies announcement are of practically impossible in nature in the present economic status of the Tamil Nadu state"...

Jaya promises free computers to students Jayalalithaa has already promised ten kg of free rice and 4 grams of gold free of cost for mangalsutras of girls belonging to below poverty line families for their marriage.

Tamil Nadu freebies: Who is footing the bill? No Lok Sabha election or assembly election in any state is as quiet as the one happening in Tamil Nadu now. 

Karunanidhi rules out coalition govt in TN "I do not expect that there will be any need for a coalition ministry in the state as there will not be any hung assembly," Karunanidhi.

TN intelligence DIG Sivanandi transferred There have been allegations by the opposition parties that the intelligence wing under the official was involved in activities aimed at helping the ruling AIADMK. 

Sivanandi is the second police officer after R Nataraj, who was transferred as Chennai Police Commissioner earlier for some controversial remarks in praise of Jayalalithaa, to come under the Commission’s scanner. 

04-05-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

CM promises Rs.35,000 cr plan for Chennai
TN needs a govt in tune with the Centre: PM "If this can happen in New Delhi, why not in Tamil Nadu."
PM rejects Jaya's charge Jayalalithaa has accused the 13 ministers of not doing anything for the welfare of the people of the state. 
Indira Gandhi started Self Help Groups, not Jaya: FM SHG scheme is of two types. Under the first type, the entire amount is being given as loan by the nationalised banks and States have no role to play.

In the second type, SHGs are given loans as well as subsidies. While banks grant loans, the Centre sanctions 75 percent of the subsidy. The State Government’s contribution is limited to only 25 percent, he said.

03-05-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

BJP files complaint with Election Commission against SUN TV, JAYA
Why was marriage scheme introduced by DMK discontinued, asks Karunanidhi This was one of the many schemes that the AIADMK Government discontinued.
Poll issue: Keeping VAT at bay Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh are the only two states in the country that have not yet adopted the VAT.

02-05-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Parties evade important issues of farmers in Tamil Nadu
Coimbatore: No one cares about mill workers
Tamil media divided on political lines Jayalalithaa filed nearly 130 cases of defamation against various English and Tamil newspapers. But the cases were unilaterally withdrawn after her drubbing in the Lok Sabha elections in 2004.
Public memory may sway TN votes Jayalalithaa's current tenure has two distinct parts - before and after Parliamentary elections of 2004. Jaya now whisks out magic gold metal AIADMK insiders say she is likely to come with another announcement to counter the DMK’s free colour TV scheme before the campaign ends on Saturday.
D Day coming soon, TV Wars in Tamil Nadu ... the ruling AIADMK and the opposition DMK, both have their own television channels, what else can be expected but a no-holds-barred satellite war?
Jayalalithaa has not replied to any letters, alleges FM
"Jayalalithaa was the only chief minister in the country who had not bothered to reply to the letters", Chidambaram.
Cong. seeks CBI probe into 'mismanagement' of tsunami funds "Even the BJP-ruled state government do not have this attitude. They are humble. Arrogance in times of disaster can be disastrous to the people of Tamil Nadu," Shantharam Naik, MP and AICC Secretary

01-05-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Jayalalithaa: Riding high on sycophancy Jayalalithaa, who initially dismissed opposition DMK's manifesto as not feasible, later had to join the politics of promise and is now defending the freebies.
PMC & AIADMK promise free gas stove, LPG connection
FM gives economics a miss "The AIADMK coalition has raised doubts about whether we will fulfill our promises. I have challenged Jayalalitha to a public debate where we can both financially justify our manifestos. But even five days later she has not responded," Chidambaram said.
Karunanidhi star campaigner despite age

30-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

I have matured as a leader: Jayalalithaa
NDTV: What about some of the criticism that's made of you that you are a very autocratic leader? You're not allowing the second rung of leadership in the AIADMK to come up? Jayalalitha: That is not true. It's not true at all. NDTV: Who is the second rung? One never sees anyone else. It's always you. Jayalalitha: When the time comes a leader will emerge.
A neck-and-neck race in Tamil Nadu
P Leelavathy, a close relative of AIADMK founder and former Chief Minister late M G Ramachandran, had donated her kidney to him in 1984, to campaign against Jaya
Mrs Veerappan takes democratic way
Nothing is ruled out in Tamil Nadu ... no one party is likely to get a majority on its own... 

29-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Chidambaram calls a close fight in TN
Woman power to fore in Tamil Nadu elections
'Put it in your eyes and votes will come'

28-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Dayanidhi Maran denies allegation
Karunanidhi admits tough fight
DMK will get absolute majority: Maran
EC issues notices to Congress, DMK
Complaint against Karunanidhi
Jaya copying DPA manifestoes: Ramadoss
Newsmaker: Kalanidhi Maran
Jaya has wasted five years: Maran

27-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Hazy picture may prompt Jaya to offer more sops
Dayanidhi Maran rejects Jaya's demand for his resignation
Drop Maran from Union Cabinet: Jayalalithaa

26-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!  

'Just see what Vijayakanth will do'
The two major alliances may be throwing caution to the winds as they make promises they may find hard to keep.

25-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Reject AIADMK, vote for DPA: Sonia
Elections will be tough: Chidambaram
It's Vaiko Show in Tamil Nadu

24-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Tamil Nadu polls: DPA Vs DPA
AIADMK insulted me, says Karthik
DPA poised for win in TN: Bardhan
Change in Jaya only cosmetic: Moily
Rice on the boil, in poll pot
Micro issues to add vigour to campaign in TN

23-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

The politics of rice

22-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Freebies cheap gimmicks to win over people, says BJP
Mullaperiyar should not be made a poll issue, CPI tells Vaiko
Can money move ballot? TN crorepatis will find out soon

21-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

DMK not against coalition Govt. in TN: Karunanidhi
`Negative issues' don't govern this TN election
Tamil Nadu election should be a referendum on the "good  performance" of the 13 Union ministers from the state...

20-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Congress to represent the `voice of the voiceless'
EC proposes replacement for Chennai top cop
Parties rice to the occasion in TN
Jayalalithaa clarifies free rice scheme

19-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Jaya's electoral promise 'virtual admission of defeat': Cong.
Battlefield called Tamil Nadu
TN has enough land for the landless farmers: Chidambaram
Rice promises stir Tamil Nadu
Jaya announces new school education scheme
'A silent wave against ruling party sweeping across TN'
Jayalalitha plays the rice card

18-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

DA hike for TN govt employees
Advantage Jayalalithaa in TN: Poll survey
Richer than rival by Rs 2 crore

16-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Jaya worth Rs 24 cr
Survey prediction would enthuse workers: Karunanidhi
Poll survey is mistaken, says Jayalalithaa
The colour TV is a campaign staple

15-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Tamil Nadu may go Bihar way: Karat
Amma in election fray

13-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

No majority for single party
End deceptive tactics of politicians: Vijayakanth
Jaya planning to incite violence: MK
MK abracadabra: cheap rice & free TV
Attitude of some senior officers distressing, says CEO

11-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Jaya making baseless charges: CPM

09-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

DMK plot to delay polls: Jaya

08-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Vaiko prisoner of circumstances: Raja
On Dravidian turf, it's tough call for BJP

06-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Rs 25 lakh for each village: Vijaykanth
Union ministers from TN blocked aid: CM
DMK behind campaign restrictions: Jaya
Karunanidhi's arithmetic versus Jayalalithaa's chemistry

05-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

DPA urges EC action against AIADMK for poll code violation
DMK compelled EC to impose time restrictions: Jayalalithaa

02-04-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Vaiko flays DMK for its promise of cheap rice

29-03-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

Corruption free govt in TN, promises Jaya
Jayalalithaa rules out coalition Government in Tamil Nadu

31-03-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

HC verdict fitting lesson to EC: Vaiko
HC advises Tamil Nadu govt to consult EC on city police chief

30-03-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

DMK surprised over EC's action
Jayalalithaa says DMK impeding growth
Jayalalithaa maintains the lead, promises IT the moon

25-03-2006 Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

State adopting confrontationist attitude, Election Commission


Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!


Election Prediction - Astrology: 

...a pamphlet predicting 'landslide' victory of AIADMK based on astrology' was distributed by the 'associates' of S P Velliayangiri, Erode district youth Congress secretary. The leaflet distributed said that Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa will create a history by winning a large number of seats this election. Karunanidhi and the party's deputy general secretary M K Stalin would lose in their own constituencies this time along with some senior Congress leaders... 09-05-2006 Source: News Today

Noted astrologer 'Kaliyur' Narayanan: “However, a neck-to-neck battle will take place, involving a lot of suspense. Ultimately, the ruling Jayalalithaa government will be triumphant. Coalition is ruled out."

Renowned astrologer and numerologist 'Nambungal' Naryanan: “Number eight will prove to be a winner for AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa, who will retain her position as the chief minister of the state... Saturn is in Cancer looking at Leo. Ms Jayalalithaa's stars are coming in the second phase of Saturn giving a tremendous boost for her image in the elections, which in turn will spell her victory.” 30-04-2006 Source:
Economic Times


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