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30th December, 2006
12.30 IST (+05.30 GMT)

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...Great Sayings...

Great Sayings - by Great People - on Various Occasions - Archive (Main)

Yes! That's Right!!

Is it right...? No, it's wrong! Is it wrong...? hmmm... Yes! It's Right...!?! - Archive (Main)
Mother Teresa is truly a 'Mother', to the 'Real Humanity'. - AghilhaM

"Mother Teresa taught us to cross the wall of religions and live together in society free of castes, creeds and religions," said Idris Ali, spokesman of the All India Minority Forum, at a gathering in Calcutta.

Dipankar Chatterjee, a Hindu priest, said followers vowed to follow Teresa's message of "love and let live". more...

God and 'Godly men' - Please show me too, 
a 'Godly man' to know You! - AghilhaM

Published (refer) during February 2002, and cached by Google (refer)

The War on Peace (has come to an end? NO!): 
Read back-issues from 20-03-2003 
(as still the 'issues' persist...!) 

The War on Peace has begun...! 

Read Peace messages - some are Peace and some are 'Fighting for Peace...!'

India Election News

What Goes Around . . .

"How can it be good for America to have all these Indians doing our white-collar jobs?", Thomas L. Friedman

"What goes around comes around, and also benefits Americans", S. Nagarajan.

"It's unfair that you want all your products marketed globally," argues Mr. Kulkarni, "but you don't want any jobs to go."

JadooWorks has decided to produce its own animated epic about the childhood of Krishna. To write the script, though, it wanted the best storyteller it could find and outsourced the project to an Emmy Award-winning U.S. animation writer, Jeffrey Scott — for an Indian epic! read...


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AghilhaM strongly condemns the way of execution, murder of Saddam Hussein.
If he deserved to be hanged, then what about Bush & Co...?

Who is male and who is female...?  
Doha Asian Games 800m silver medallist, Indian athlete Santhi Soundarajan could be stripped of her medal after failing a gender test as she reportedly did not have the 'sexual characteristics of a woman'. 

"Basic human rights –- the right to a decent standard of living, to food and essential health care, to opportunities for education or decent work, or to freedom from discrimination –- are precisely what the world’s poorest need most."  -- Message of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on International Human Rights Day - 10 December 2006

Bush under fire at press conference - Deepening crisis of US occupation regime in Iraq

Congratulations to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus. "Every single individual on earth has both the potential and the right to live a decent life."

Why is the American press silent on the report of 655,000 Iraqi deaths?

Does Bush Think War with Iran Is Preordained?

10 things Tony Blair didn't say in Manchester

Imagine the Twin Towers Hadn't Fallen on 9/11

Sri Lankan air force bombing kills scores of students

Terrorism should be condemned. But what about 'war against terrorism'...?

Britain’s airline terror plot: Questions that need to be answered

Over 13 million deaths each year due to preventable environmental causes – UN report

Tamil Nadu Election-2006 News

AghilhaM recommends 100% pension to SBI - State Bank of India employees.

Bush: "I didn‘t want war. To assume I wanted war is just flat wrong..."

Iraq War 3rd Anniversary - Beware of Bush & Co.

Satan is Resting Easy: The Power of Christ “Propels” Them

International Women's Day: Amnesty USA's Documentary Photo Essay: "Too Much Time, Women in Prison" (new window)

AghilhaM welcomes its friendliest United States of America's President Mr. George W Bush's visit to India, but NOT willing to welcome Bush... 

Gandhi, Bush, and the Bomb

Bush in India: Just Not Welcome

Bush travels to South Asia in pursuit of key strategic 'partnership' with India

The Emperor's Visit: Whither India?

Charge-sheet Against George W. Bush

An open letter to 'Emperor' George Bush Jr. from 'Films for Peace'

Bush's 'GK - General Knowledge' about world leaders - (Satire) (...so he might have not known Mahatma Gandhi)

Text of US President George W. Bush's interview to Indian Doordarshan TV

More Photos; More War Crimes

Amnesty International USA, "... How we are all connected to acts of torture."

Unresolved questions in the US Vice President Dick Cheney shooting incident

Bush administration launches campaign of lies in defense of government spying

Amnesty International USA: Tell the truth about torture, Mr. President

India: Tamil Nadu: Chennai relief stampede kills 42 for flood relief aid 

Bush spying claim: BBC Readers reaction

Read Times of India/India Times Reader's comments about MPs take cash to ask questions in Parliament

COBRAPOST-AAJ TAK Investigation reveals the tale of MPs

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY - 10 December 2005: "Let us be clear: torture can never be an instrument to fight terror, for torture is an instrument of terror." 

-- Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General read...

HRW: U.S - Rice Response Inadequate

HRW: Fifteen Questions for the U.S. Government

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

American Christian Fundamentalist Leader Calls For Global War

AghilhaM: God Bless America ... and also all the humanity from George Bush
(God would tell us 'AghilhaM, spread this message to everybody'. And we did.")

Bush: 'God Told Me To End Iraq Tyranny'
Bush warns of 'war on humanity' - BBC
(new window)
Ex-UN Official: Bush, Blair like Nazis. - Aljazeera (new window)

Human Right Watch: New Accounts of Torture by U.S. Troops - Soldiers Say Failures by Command Led to Abuse

Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has stressed upon the importance of a free press as an important guarantor of democratic and human rights.

British troops in pitched battle in Basra: Bloody conflict between British forces and Shiite civilians, police and militias has exposed the myth of Iraqi sovereignty and confirmed that the British Army acts as a colonial occupier. read...

9/11 - Hurricane Katrina - The World is judging, watching, and witnessing George W. Bush

AghilhaM wishes to convey heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The ways to help the victims:

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Everything New Orleans
American Red Cross
The Humane Society of America
Feed the Children

September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, Acts of Terrorism, Acts of God, 'War on Terrorism', 'War on ....', Iraq war, Urban Warfare, Lessons...!?

Why Pat Robertson isn’t treated as a terrorist?

Will News Media Help Bush Exploit the 9/11 Anniversary Again?

Fifty-four years in jail without trial: the plight of prison inmates in India

Iraq-Vietnam comparison inevitable

"'GREAT Sign of Peace!' 'GREAT WORK, Well done!' Congratulations Mr. Ariel Sharon"

"Meet with Cindy"

Amnesty International: Urgent Action: USA: Prisoner of conscience, Kevin Benderman Take Action

UK: Full circumstances into fatal shooting must be investigated - Amnesty International

U.S.: Destroy Stockpile of Unsafe Cluster Submunitions

Indian Prime Minister's Opening Statement at US National Press Club

UK - London attack: AghilhaM offers its condolences to the victims of the bombings, their loved ones and to the people of Britain.

India - Ayodhya attack: Leaders Must Prevent Sectarian Violence. read


Bush at Fort Bragg—fear-mongering, lies and desperation

Again Blair - B'liar...! Congratulations...!!

"I know Iraq has been a divisive issue in this country, but I hope we now can unite again and look to the future," the chastened prime minister said after victory was confirmed overnight.

"All the people you killed, all the lies you told, have come back to haunt you," Galloway told Blair in his victory speech. 

Blair - B'liar: "I did not lie over Iraq." 
AghilhaM: Absolutely true... NOT ' a' single lie...!

Global Torture Ban Under Threat - Governments Cannot Hide Behind the Fig Leaf of Diplomatic Assurances. read...

USA: New Amnesty International report on USA's "war on terror" detentions. read...

Russia: Visiting Leaders Should Be Firm on Rights: Human Rights Watch. read...

USA/ Iraq: Abuses without accountability a year after Abu Ghraib. read...

Israel/Occupied Territories: Israeli authorities must put an immediate end to settler violence. read...

U.S.: Investigate Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and ex-CIA Director George Tenet for Torture. read...

Commission on Human Rights Ignores Major Human Rights Abuses - U.N. Commission Takes a Few Positive Steps read...

2005 UN Commission on Human Rights: Positive developments at the 61st Session fall far short of correcting the Commission's "credibility deficit" read...

Rest in Peace Pope John Paul II - Karol Wojtyla - some impressed tributes, condolences... read

"Deadly" Wrong about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction... Shame on you. read

"The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid." -- Art Spander

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi - Visa - US - UK - National Human Rights Commission read

Bush...? or Kerry...?   Kerry...! or Bush...! 
Who is good to U.S...? Who is good to all of us...? 
Good to peaceful world...? 
Past Experiences... Present Situations... 
Future Hopes... Which Will Win...? 

U.S President 
'IS' important NOT only to U.S, 
but also to the entire world, by various means... 

So... we, AghilhaM concern...

"In their presidential debates, President Bush and Senator Kerry failed to address the USA's treatment of detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantánamo and in secret locations elsewhere," Amnesty International noted. read...

September 11th...

Only two types of people never respect or obey 
any ethics, humane, laws or anything. 

First type: The terrorists 
Second Type: The rulers who claim themselves 
to fight against 'terrorism'.

More than one thousand young Americans have died
in Iraq, almost seven thousand have been maimed, and tens of thousands of Iraqis have died...

WMD: Weapons of Mass Destruction: 
"... tired by the rulers by their bluffs & explanations!" 

WMD: Way for Mass Development: 
"Anybody there...? Anybody dare ...?" 

It's a mad, mad, mad world!

"We were almost all wrong", Former Weapons Inspector 
Dr. David Kay

"They never said there was an imminent threat", CIA director Tenet.

"Knowing what I knew then and knowing what I know today, America did the right thing in Iraq", Bush.

"We have not yet found the stockpiles of weapons that we thought were there," Bush admitted.

"We had a choice: Either take the word of a
madman or 
take action to defend the American people. Faced with that choice, I would defend America every time", Bush.

Who is mad? Saddam...? CIA...?  Weapons inspectors...? Innocent Americans...?  OR...?!? 

Shame on you ... Bushs, puppet Blairs, other leaders and war supporters...!

Bush Backs Away From His Claims About Iraq Arms more...
Bush dodges question on Saddam's arsenal - President won't say what he thinks now more...
US denies 'imminent' threat warning more...
Bush Stresses Continued Faith in US Intelligence, Despite Failure to Find Iraq Weapons more...
US president defends Iraq war decision more...
George Bush defends Iraq invasion more...
Iraqi war was 'prudent' more...
White House emissaries head abroad to recast war - Toppling Hussein replaces weapons cache as main justification for U.S-led attack more...
Oops: CIA should have known more about Iraq more...
U.S. must uncover roots of WMD intelligence goof more...
U.S., Britain downplay Kay remarks more...
Lessons for the Future more...

Please read our articles started from "The War on Peace has begun...!"

Dear Mr. Blair ...?

Powell Voices Doubts About Iraqi Weapons more...
Blair (STILL) defends WMD info more...
Blair (STILL) defends Iraq intelligence more...
Iraq's WMD: the big lie? more...

Don't you feel guilty, 
Dear Mr.Bush, Mr.Blair and other war admirers?

Iraq's hidden weapons did not exist, say reports.

Two detailed reports have thrown serious doubt on whether Iraq had any nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, or even the means to make them, at the time when the US cited this as its major reason for going to war.

U.S. Withdraws a Team of Weapons Hunters From Iraq. more...

Please read our article dated 17th, April, 2003: Weaponry, technology, intelligence and warnings...!

Blair: "Try not to believe that myself or President Bush are sort of badly motivated people who want to do the worst, blah blah ..."

Bush vows enemy 'will be defeated'.

AghilhaM vows war-mongers 
'will be defeated, forever'.

Bush: "Here the enemy is waging the battle, 
and it is here that the enemy will be defeated."

AghilhaM: Who is ENEMY, enemy to WHOM, who is WAGING and who is getting DEFEATED 
by WHOM or by WHICH ...?




Opinions, Views & Comments ...

Opinions, Views and Comments on World Happenings & News - Archive (Main)

...easy to say...

It's easy to advise - easy to suggest like, you would've done...! - "... easy to say ..." - Archive (Main)

"... The problem is this, that I know, 
you know and everyone knows that 
Mother Teresa was a great human being." 

 " She was a saint in her service to the poor." 

" But it would be an insult to Mother Teresa if sainthood is connect with false claims of miracles" - Probir Ghosh.  more...

Refer Related Articles:

Brief Biography of Mother Teresa of Calcutta - India
Calcuttans (Indians) already claim Mother Teresa as their saint, though some doubt miracle
Rationalists say Mother Teresa's miracle claim is 'bunkum'
Beatification and Canonization of Mother Teresa
Doubt over Mother Teresa's miracle
Questions raised over beatification of Mother Teresa
100,000 pay homage to Mother Teresa - across West Bengal - India, on beatification eve

Rage against Muslim terrorism and the dying of Muslim light


A Plea Amid the
Prayers - Muslims Mark Holiday With Calls for Understanding - Read...
...in the name of God!

Church reveals 4,400 US priests were accused of child sex abuse: 

"These leadership failings have been shameful to the church," the panel said. read...

Church reports detail sex abuse:

Sue Archibald, president of the victim advocacy group The Linkup,  called the studies "an incomplete body count" that focused too narrowly on healing the church instead of helping victims. read...

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