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4th October, 2006
23.30 IST (+05.30 GMT)

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10 things Tony Blair didn't say in Manchester


On 27 September 2006, a war criminal responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan, and whose refusal to call for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon and Gaza sanctioned Israel's barbaric attacks, addressed the Labour Party Conference in Manchester. 

His speech was acclaimed by nearly all the mainstream media as "brilliant" (BBC), "electrifying" (The Telegraph), "majestic" (the Guardian). Here are 10 things that Tony Blair didn't say in "the speech of the century" (The Independent) . 

1. The majority of Iraqis want the immediate withdrawal of US troops from their country, saying the departure "would make them feel safer and decrease violence." 

2. The majority of Iraqis approve of attacks on US forces.

3. On average, one attack on US forces in Iraq takes place every 15 minutes.

4. Reports to the US and British governments show that a) the Iraq war has acted as a "recruiting sergeant" for extremists and b) increased the threat of terrorism.

5. The security situation in Iraq is so out of control that over 240,000 Iraqis have fled their homes in the past six months and registered as refugees. 

6. Only 20 percent of Americans "have confidence" in George Bush's Iraq policies.

7. The Iraq war is currently costing US taxpayers around $2bn (1.07bn) a week.

8. The United Nations says over 6,600 Iraqis were killed in the months of July and August and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says Iraq is on the brink of all-out civil war.

9. British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan are six times more likely to be killed in combat than soldiers in Iraq.

10. According to senior military, the armed forces are "arguably losing or potentially losing" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Source: Stop the War Coalition

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