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Medicine - Disclaimer & Warning



"Man proposes God disposes"

The 'Diagnosis of the Diseases by using the Number Segments', general suggestion, treatment suggestion and information given on non-drugs, non-surgical methods of preventing and treating illness, and to maintain good health purpose are not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, advice and treatment.

Rather, the information should be used to complement professional health care.

The true intention of us is to 'Diagnosis the Diseases by using the Number Segments' in order to understand, prevent and treat the diseases that still confront us.

The Alternative Health Information and Links of other web sites are intended for informational purposes only.

Visiting these pages could be like entering a public bookstore in the sense that it's entirely up to the visitor/reader to critically assess the quality and usefulness of the information offered via these links.

For instance, it is probably always wise to reflect a little on the motives behind the author's wish to publish his material on the Net.

Although, in building & maintaining this sorted list of links, efforts have been made only to select resources which offer both serious and relevant information, inclusion in the list does not necessarily imply that the material pointed is of generally approved scientific accuracy and reliability.

Take note that the links of other  web sites, which are mentioned in our site, are maintained by the respected organizations and Not By Us.

Many of  these treatments may not be approved by conventional medical authorities or government regulatory bodies.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health-care provider before starting any new treatment or procedure.

Never delay seeking medical care - or disregard taking medical advice - because of something you may read on our sites or the web sites, which has been given for your general reference.

Be aware that indiscriminate use of some of the therapies or procedures on the web sites may be harmful to your health.

Always seek proper medical supervision.





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