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History of Human Diseases - Introduction

Diseases & Suffering - Introduction
1. End till then Suffering
2. End till then No Suffering
3. No End even then Suffering
4. No End and also No Suffering

Physical & Mental sick - Introduction
1.Physically Sick - so - Mentally Sick
2.Physically Not - Sick - but - Mentally Sick
3.Physically Sick - even then - Mentally Not-Sick
4.Physically Not-Sick - and also - Mentally Not-Sick
Physical & Mental sickness

Types of diseases (32 types analyzed)
Alternative Medicine
Mental Health
Faith Healing
Holistic Healing Numerology, Graphology, Faith etc.,
Signs and Symptoms

Classifications of Diseases (8 Classifications analyzed)
Diseases by Heredity and Environment
Diseases by Immune System itself
Prevention of Diseases
Diseases & Treatments

Numbers & Diseases - Introduction
Name, Birth Segment and their diseases
Name Segments & Diseases
Birth Segments & Diseases
Healing by Signature
Healing by the Power of Numbers
Healing by the Power of Thoughts
Healing by the Power of GOD
The Most Powerful Medicine to all diseases

Diagnosis of Diseases by Number Segments
- Ready Reference - Health Risk Analysis
( 81 Pages)

Disclaimer & Warning

Reference Links of other Alternate Medicine Web Sites
(31 Topics)

Top 100 Medical Sites

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Health News

Mental Health News

Design  Ever wondered why some 'male behaves like
female' & 'female behaves like male'?
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Why do I have problems in my 'EYES'?
Why do I have problem in my 'SKIN'?
Why do I have frequent injuries?
Why do my NAILS look dark?
What is the reason for COLD related diseases?
Is Diabetics related with Numerology?
What about Digestive System Diseases?
Is there any reasons for Heart problems?
Is there any reasons for Blood Pressure?
Why do I have 'Slight Belly', even though I'm slim?
Who will be suffering by frequent Allergies?
Why some are 'alcoholic'?
Why only some are so 'brisk'?
Who will have 'sleep-disorders'?
Why do only some men have 'baldness'?
Why do only some women have 'hair growth' on their body?
What is the reason for 'joints pain'?
Why do 'head problems' occur?
Who are 'healthy but worrying'?
Who will not have any diseases?
Why some men like to wear ornaments?
Why some are having 'quick-growth'?
Is there any reason for 'resemblances'?
Why some are 'so beautiful'?
Why do some used to 'beat'?
Who likes 'spicy' food?
Who likes to eat often?
Who will be satisfied with any home-made food?
Why some are having 'bass-voice'?
Why some are having 'lady-voice'?
Who will be having 'good physique'?

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History of Human Diseases - Introduction

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