Answers to these questions are spread over in this site.

  1. Why do all living things die?

  2. What happens to man after he dies?

  3. What happens to a child if his / her desires are not full filled?

  4. I think that I am not  'fit in' with my friends and acquaintances.

  5. I expect success in most things that I undertake.

  6. Why am I always tense, irritable and worry in my work.

  7. What can be my real motives for criticising others?

  8. Why do I always criticise unthinkingly without considering the good or harm?

  9. Why do I always face a financial crisis ?

  10. Is the future, a predictable one?

  11. Why do I show my frustrations and anger out on my family?

  12. Why do I always get over exited?

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