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Let us be 'greedy!



Generally speaking, 'greedy' is not good!


Particularly speaking,
'greedy' is not good,
only in some situations!



Then, why should we be greedy?


Will you agree it,
as 'greedy mentality',
if we say the following?


"I must have some more good health" 

"I must have some more knowledge" 

"I must have some more life comfort" 

"I must have some more life wealth"

"I must have some more education" 

"I must have some more employment's promotion" 

"My life is NOT having enough..."



Some so called godly men, preachers,
or 'the people who are longing for donations'
used to advise,
"Don't be greedy"!


Just think about their 'life' -
are they living,
'without greedy mentality'?


If they advise like that,
then only we will not be greedy
'will donate them liberally'!


Forget about them but, think about 'the so called greedy'!


'Greedy' will be a
'boost' to our life growth!


'Greedy' will
increase our life span!


'Greedy' will
stimulate the developments!


'Greedy' will be a
'Tonic' to our entire life!


let us be greedy!




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