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Let us have 'some ego'!



'ego', 'egoism', 'egotism'...?

What is the real meaning of all this...?

Why these are having controversial opinions...?



Generally people used to criticise
the 'ego', 'egoism' and 'egotism',
but they will be having the same!



It seems that they like it for themselves,
but dislike it,
if others are having!



Is it right or wrong?

Is it good or bad?

Must one have it or not?



From my point of view that
one must have healthy -
'ego', 'egoism' and 'egotism'!


If we 'act' like that,
then the 'same-action' will have
'some-reaction' on us!



At the same time,
if we 'over-act', then it will have
it's own 'over-reaction'!



Let us have
some 'ego', 'egoism' and 'egotism'
at some time on somebody!



But let us NOT use 'it' against God!


God is the one and the only Person,
to Whom,
we should not, cannot
use our 'ego'!



Other than Him, let us have and use 'some ego'!




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