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Could It Happen To Your Family?



I would like to introduce you to The Blaine family.  A typical family with typical problems in today's world.

Tom, 39 is the head of the Human Resources Department
of the local School District.  The business manager, a good friend is embezzling money. He has to fire him and  hire a replacement.  The secretary messed up payroll.  And he is seeing a teacher, a women he is attracted to.

His wife Amy, 38 is a secretary in a large real estate company.  She worried about the kids and their money problems.  Her oldest daughter was in a car accident, and laid up with a broken leg.  Then she finds a lump in her breast.

Eddie, 16, flunked his written driver's test and an English Test. His friends want him to smoke. Some friends  want him to sell drugs, so he can make money to buy some stuff for his girl friend. He needs braces.  He got  suspended from the basketball team for fighting.  He wants to go all the way with his girl friend.  Then he sees a guy with his girl.

How can you tell when the pressure and stress is too much? 

The next thing you know Tom and Amy are called on an emergency.  Eddie got Tom's  gun and went after his girl and new beau.    In a stand off by police, Eddie shoots the beau.

Is this all too familiar?  Does it happen in our society?  All too often.  Can it be prevented? Yes, it can.  How does stress reveal itself?  How can you tell?  

The eyes will reveal your true mental state. Even with the slightest stressful feeling or thought the eyes will react. One eye reveals your public stresses, the other eyes reveals your private stresses. Help for the Blaines is in  "Predict & Prevent Violence" a special report. For more details, go to:


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