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How to find a good Life Partner?



Good Life Partner...? 

First of all, how dare one can seek a 'Good' Partner? 


What is the meaning of 'Good'? 

And, is the seeking person 'good enough' 
to look for 'Good Partner? 

How he/she can 'claim' himself/herself 
as a 'Good'  Partner..? 

Even the word - 'good' is not so good. 

But the word - 'suitable' might be good. 

O.K  That's a different issue, which is dealt in other pages. 

Now, let's come to the point. 

How to find a Good Life Partner? 


By using a magnified lens? 

By using a fishing net? 

By searching in the matrimonial classifieds? 

or searching in the web? 

Shall we find and fix at least one, out of this? 

Is there any other way? 

There are some other ways, 
to find and fix 
Suitable Life Partner. 

Try with our

Numerological Marriage Matching Method











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