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Even though our site deals with faith based, prediction-type and also like astrological site, we know our limitation, responsibility to the society and know the impact on one's life. So, we deal the things with extraordinary care.

Certain articles may not be suitable for some users. So such things are published only in the members' area. 

Even our free services like consultation and suggestions are published only in the restricted pages, so, no other users can access those pages other than that particular user.

Some articles in this site, express our feelings about the so called tradition, culture and customs. We respect it. But some time, they only obstruct the human development.

AghilhaM does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or any other protected status.

The advertisements may include, without limitation, "banner" advertisements. The manner, mode, and extent of such advertising is subject to change. We have provided links to other sites or resources located on the World Wide Web. We have specially made arrangements for not displaying banners, external links or advertisements which impose abusive, pornography, hatred, terrorism, hacked, bigamy, bigotry, racism, offending others' physical, mental and status deficiency etc. And AghilhaM is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse and is not responsible warranty for its effectiveness, the privacy practices, liable for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on or available from such sites or resources.

Our whole hearted intention is not to hurt anybody for any reason. But guiding that everyone can lead a suitable, desirable and successful life easily by way of using, the power of thoughts, philosophy, psychology, scientific, occult, numerology, living togetherness love, graphology, alternative medicinal and spiritual methods.

AghilhaM's content are "PICS-Labeled" by SafeSurf Rating Standard. And also AghilhaM's content are "PICS-Labeled" by Internet Content Rating Association - ICRA labelling system. AghilhlaM is recognized and respected by Family Friendly Sites.Com

If you think that anything in this site offending anybody by any manner, please express yourself by mailing to:

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