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Prediction / Prophesy / Forecast / Foretelling of Year 2005 - paranormal analysis as per Segment Numerology!



This is the 'prediction' for each and everybody,
to 'discover and analyse', 
their own SWOT - 
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats 
and also the DMA - 
Develop, Maintain & Avoid Tips, 
particularly for the year 2005.

By this way, 
we are trying to guide that 
everyone in 2005, CAN lead 
a suitable, desirable and successful life 
by discovering, realising, admitting, 
analysing and utilising 
their 'SWOT' and 'DMA's.

These readings are based only on AghilhaM's Segment Numerology Concept, generalized for everyone, for this year 2005. 

This is NOT anyway related with astrology, horoscope, star readings, other numerology and also other means of paranormal practices. 

Our whole hearted intention is, just to encourage and to fully utilise this 'wonderful' New Year 2005, to LIVE. These suggestions are NOT to discourage or hurt anybody for any reasons. 

stimulating the mind related power and energy; 
will express honest love and affection;
analyzing everything;
trying and implementing new techniques and tactics;
lateral thinking;
speed in everything;
having good self-confidence;
always likes 'changes';
can do anything;
very helpful and being helped by others;
getting and making easy friendship with everybody.

easily getting influenced by the surroundings and the happenings;
unsteady, dilemma and wavering mentality;
speed in everything;
hasty decisions;
sudden braveness;
so many skills - but not enough initiation;
addictions in emotions;
ups and downs;
getting excitement in petty matters or else getting bored;
interested in un-necessary arguments.

in fully utilizing and implementing the thoughts;
in getting the energy and efficiency from the power of mind;
in so many skills;
in any kind of creativity;
in argument / debate related fields;
in powerful imaginations;
in analyzing everything;
in trying and implementing new techniques and tactics;
in lateral thinking;
in handling the tough task;
in risk, brisk and efficient works;
in gaining and handling the friendships;
in helping others and getting helps from others;
in optimistic mentality.

by suddenly losing the dynamism;
finding difficulty to have enough initiation in any skills;
by losing the power, energy and efficiency by self;
by unsteady, dilemma and wavering mentality;
by involving in unnecessary arguments;
by being laziness;
by having sudden-blind braveness;
by being emotional;
by being over-sensitiveness;
by always liking the speed and changes;
by being over-imaginative.

good thinking, mind and activities;
the skill in communication & debate;
faith in God;
to keep peace in mind;
some particular skills, instead of having so many skills;
constructive arguments;
to use the courage properly;
analyzing mentality;
the power of imaginations;
to respect others' honest and positive anticipations;
to express the emotions nicely;
lateral thinking;
self confidence;
straight forwardness.

to stimulate the existing powers;
the habit of always speaking the truth;
the honest love and affection on everybody;
to implement new techniques and tactics;
maintaining the middle path in all activities.

of being disturbed by the surroundings;
to speak unnecessary lies;
dual mentality;
unnecessary sudden braveness;
to be unsteady, dilemma and wavering mentality;
the habit of liquor and drugs;
of being extremities;
addictions in emotions;
of being not enough initiated;
unnecessary arguments;
over imaginative;
over sensitivity.


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Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!