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Daily Day Discussion - 2002 July Articles



AghilhaM expresses 'the feelings' about 'Nothing but LIFE related Matters', through this Daily Day Discussion, from our point of view.

Our whole hearted intention is not to hurt anybody for any reason.

But guiding that everyone can lead a suitable, desirable and successful life easily by way of using, the power of thoughts, philosophy, psychology, scientific, occult, numerology, living togetherness love, graphology, alternative medicinal and spiritual methods.

Please read and understand our ethics, legal, copyright, privacy policy, disclaimer.(Each page opens in a new window) 

01-07-2002 I cancelled all that debt of yours...!
02-07-2002 Remember me when you come...!
03-07-2002 Is not life more important than...?
04-07-2002 How many times...?
05-07-2002 Saltiness salt!
06-07-2002 Clean the inside of the cup!
07-07-2002 Stand firm to the end!
08-07-2002 Who has will be given more...!
09-07-2002 did it for me!
10-07-2002 Why are you so afraid?
11-07-2002 Do you still have no faith?
12-07-2002 Ask and it will be given to you!
13-07-2002 Seek and you will find!
14-07-2002 Knock and the door will be opened to you!
15-07-2002 Come out of him!
16-07-2002 Man does not live on bread alone!
17-07-2002 I will make you fishers of men!
18-07-2002 Blessed are the pure in heart!
19-07-2002 Blessed are you when people insult you!
20-07-2002 Blessed are the merciful!
21-07-2002 Blessed are the poor in the spirit!
22-07-2002 At that time you will be given what to say!
23-07-2002 What good will it be, if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?
24-07-2002 The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!
25-07-2002 Worker deserves his wages!
26-07-2002 Do not work for food that spoils!
27-07-2002 We must do the work of him, who sent me!
28-07-2002 Neither he or nor his parents sinned!
29-07-2002 Each day has enough trouble of its own!
30-07-2002 I never knew you...!
31-07-2002 It is not the healthy who needs a doctor, but the sick!

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