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Daily Day Discussion - 2003 April Articles



AghilhaM expresses 'the feelings' about 'Nothing but LIFE related Matters', through this Daily Day Discussion, from our point of view.

Our whole hearted intention is not to hurt anybody for any reason.

But guiding that everyone can lead a suitable, desirable and successful life easily by way of using, the power of thoughts, philosophy, psychology, scientific, occult, numerology, living togetherness love, graphology, alternative medicinal and spiritual methods.

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I'm a FOOL...!


My people are REACHING the destination...!

03-04-2003 What are all the successes and what are all failures...!
04-04-2003 Thanks to this WAR...!?!
05-04-2003 Be prepared for any CHANGES...!
06-04-2003 Leaving Room for Humanity
07-04-2003 World Health Day - Healthy Environments for Children
08-04-2003 What's the meaning of Weapons of Mass Destruction...?
09-04-2003 There will be some people...!
10-04-2003 Let the war admirers rejoice...!
11-04-2003 We've had an historic week ...!
12-04-2003 Thank God! There are some Liberators in this world...!!
13-04-2003 Praise the Liberators...!
14-04-2003 The Price - Praise of Victory...!
15-04-2003 Is it a victory or not ...!
16-04-2003 Liberated to blame, charge or anything ...!
17-04-2003 Weaponry, technology, intelligence and warnings...!
18-04-2003 Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.
19-04-2003 Do you want liberation...?
20-04-2003 Who can really liberate...?
21-04-2003 SARS - God's Biological WMD...?
22-04-2003 Who'll be benefited by this illegal war...?
23-04-2003 Prove this war as legal...!
24-04-2003 Warning! Warning!! War 'War'ning...!!!
25-04-2003 Let us fight against SARS (and) WARS...!
26-04-2003 Protect human rights during the current unrest.
27-04-2003 The 'Great Sayings' about WMD...!
28-04-2003 Stripped naked and humiliated by US soldiers.
29-04-2003 World's 'Most-Wanted' Deck of Playing Cards (Leaders)

U.S. Misleading on Cluster Munitions

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