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This web site provides some starting points for an exploration of color.

Colour & The Brain
How color affects our minds. Psychology & culture.

Colour & The Body
How color affects our actions and reactions.
The concept of color can be approached from several disciplines: physiology, psychology, philosophy, and art. This web site provides some starting points for an exploration of color. Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions.

The Basic Color & Design Frequently Asked Questions
Concise and accurate information about the most important color questions.

Colour Order Systems in Art and Science
Do you know Isaac Newton’s Theory of Colour? Or maybe Goethe’s?
This site includes a total of 59 easy-to-understand, richly illustrated
colour theories from Antiquity to modern times. Also, an excellent
analysis of color and cultures (Islamic, Chinese, Hebrew).

Color Theory
Excellent information about color theory and much more.
Be sure to visit the home page at

Rainbows in Your Eyes?
From the Exploratorium. Link to many other pages about
color and vision.

Color and Vision Database
A technical source for color vision research
A theory of harmony of colour for painters, stage desginers, commercial artists, computer artists, for colour design in industry, for computer presentation techniques, computer animations, visualizations with CAD, computer painting programmes, algorithms for mixing and composing colours, for colour photography and colour film, for image processing,  image postpro-cessing, and for artifical intelligence and automatic colour design.

Exploratorium's Learning Studio
Illusions and much more ?

Inter-Society Color Council
The ISCC is the principal professional society on the field of color in the United States, encompassing the arts,
sciences and industry

The Colour Group
Colour professionals in Great Britain

Color Association of the United States. Active professionals in the field of color styling, color use,  color research, marketing and merchandising.

Visual Arts Trends
The quarterly "state of the industry" report and an online source of information for the creative professional ?

Color Therapy
Graphics galore. Color meditation and color symbolism

Color/Colour Therapy Net
This page at the Mining Company's Helaing site focuses on color therapy.
 It has been among the top ten each week since its publication 
since the launching of the Healing site in April 97.
Color: Assorted Links

Health and Beauty from the Mining Company
Lots of color links to unexplored color topics!
Psychology of colour
Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology



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