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Could anybody select one, by themselves?

What will happen if dreaming for a boy, but getting a girl or dreaming for a girl, but getting a boy...?

What's there, if it is a boy or girl?

Boy or girl is a chance not choice!

There is no any fool-proof method to select Boy or Girl, as per parent's wish.

If trying some methods, but not getting, then it won't be 'good' to the parent as well as the baby.

So, better don't DREAM for a boy baby or a girl baby!

And also, don't try any methods.


As per Natural Phenomena, let us see, "How A Girl Or Boy Is CREATED":

Only a simple game of genetics, DETERMINE the sex of the baby.

Every man and woman constitutes 22 pairs of chromosomes plus one pair that is the difference between them; these are the sexual chromosomes X and Y.

Men have the chromosomes pairing of X Y and women have the pairing of X X.

Both the egg (women) and the spermatozoa (men) have 23 chromosomes. 

The egg (women) is always the carrier of the X chromosome only.

The spermatozoa (men) can carry either an X or a Y chromosome.

This means that it is the male side that determines the gender of the baby.

But at the same time, it cannot be 'done', as per his own wish.

So, could anybody able to CREATE a boy or girl, by themselves...?

Relax and live every moment with your (boy or girl) baby!



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