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Selecting a name for your baby is easy/tough as well as  interesting/confusing one.

Though, the name is just a term of identification, select a name - more than that, for your baby. It must be an ever-lasting special gift to him/her.

Anyhow, you have to NAME your lovable baby!


Here are some tips to name your child:

First select a name pattern like, 
First Name + Initial + Last Name, 
First Name + Last Name (without initial), 
Initial + First Name + Last Name, 
Initial + Single Name and 
Single Name alone.

Consider the sound and select a name, which blends properly with each other. Be careful that the name should not turn into a tongue twister.

Don't select so many names.

Select a name, which should not be 'odd', when he/she become adult.

Don't worry about the MEANING of the name.
Especially don't try to know the meanings in other languages for the names, you have selected, in your native language.

Try to avoid the names with some straight meanings with the noun, adjective, adverb, etc.,

Let the spelling and the pronunciations be the same.

Try to avoid odd spellings and misspellings.

Try to select, boy name to boy and girl name to girl if the name denotes, at least phonetically, some particular gender. Be careful about Unisex names. Such names might confuse others while determining a sex based on the names.

Take care that the name can be easily pronounced by everybody.

Take care of the sound of the name. Bold sound of the name will influence boldness and soft sound of the name will influence softness.

Take care that the name cannot be twisted and teased by others, either by spellings or sounds or by associated nicknames.

Don't worry for which alphabets should come as the first and last letter of the name.

Don't worry for the meanings of the combination of some letters, anywhere in the name.

Don't compel your selection on others.

If others compel you, don't directly or indirectly 'fight' with them.

Don't ask so many people's suggestion, if you have already selected a name.

Give respect to your own instinct and intuition.

If you have faith in the Lord, finally select a name with His Blessings.


A proper balanced Number Value and Number Combination - Name Segment, for a particular Birth Segment, will make the baby live and grow without any major sickness, major downfalls, gender cross behaviours.

It will also influence good understandings with the parents, smooth relationship with everybody; slow, steady, good growth and life  development.

It will help him/her to lead a Harmonious Life with all the Prosperity!


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