AghilhaM - 'KNOW' your OWN Child (personalized)



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AghilhaM - eBook -  ''KNOW' your OWN Child 
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'KNOW' your OWN Child

It helps to have a harmonious relationship and boosts 
his/her and your Prosperity!

Understand his/her Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats, to encourage him/her to  Develop, Maintain and Avoid it.

As this eBook is personalized, made for you alone,  please allow maximum 10 Business Days to Deliver.

Book Details
Product Number: 016
'KNOW' your OWN Child

Description: It helps to have a harmonious relationship and boosts his/her and your Prosperity!
Name: AghilhaM - eBook - Understand your Baby!
Format : EXE
Pages: Approx. 25
Size: Approx. 500 KB

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