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Living together by the Blessing of the Lord (Disclaimer...?!?)



Is it necessary to have Lord's Blessings
for living together...?



Some may say like this:

"...who said?'

"...why it's necessary?"

"'s not at all necessary."

"...only better understanding is a must."

"...these are in our hands."

"...these are all not in our hands."

"...I regularly go to the Places of Worships."

" ...I do pilgrimage."

" ...all my people know that I am religious."

"...everybody know that I am blessed."

"...then what else I need?"



Just think for a moment,

that how many

'unfortunate happenings'

happens to some

'living together couples'



Above everything,

even above 

our -  'Marriage Matching Method',

His blessings




to live together.


We can get.

We have to get.



We will definitely get His Blessings
(if, only our ultimate intention is to be...!)




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