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Today is the Day, 
to start, Tomorrow's 

AghilhaM honestly believes, tries and guides that, 
everyone in this World CAN lead a suitable, desirable, successful and 
PEACEFUL LIFE easily by way of using, the power of thoughts, philosophy, psychology, scientific, occult, numerology, living together with love, 
graphology, alternative medicinal and spiritual methods.

AghilhaM helps you to find these traits in you.

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I dedicate these 'Awards' to my LORD.
This is THE LORD’S doing.
I am thankful to Him.
And...we would also like to thank those
who find AghilhaM,
worthy of their Prestigious Awards.
This help us increase the responsibility,
the credibility and the professionalism of our site.

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Awards & 

Awards received from

Awards Name
5.0 Not yet received...-----
4.5 View
Awards & Details
Believe 2 Achieve Webmaster AwardWebmaster Silver Award
Awards & Details
(page 1)
The Spider AwardWinners Top Ten Position
Bob's Mighty MIDIBob's Steel Web Site award
Critical Mass AwardCritical Mass Award
Shadow Poetry AwardsShadow Poetry Bronze award
The Spider AwardTop ten search engine ranking
TACTICS Private Investigations ®Private Eye Excellence Award ©
Colleen's Corner Award SiteKool Site Award
The Wicks AwardWicks Award of Merit
J.J's.Oakley's World - CCA AwardsCritics Choice Award - CCA's Bronze award
Medals Of ExcellenceTM AwardHarbeson and Associates Award of Merit
A Woman's TouchSilver Award
Awards & Details
(page 2)
Rhonda's Expressions © Award ProgramRhonda's Expressions Merit Award
View Awards & Details
(page 1)
A Woman's TouchOriginality Award
"OZZ" - AwardBronze Award
Doug Lang - Doug's World AwardDoug's World Silver Award
Casey's Celtic Charm Winnipeg CanadaBronze Award Of Excellence
Graham Nash Award of ExcellenceBronze Award
A Scoff an' Scuff AwardA Scoff an' Scuff Award - Bronze
Krista's Korner Award SiteAward of Excellence-Bronze
Cresode.COM Creative Top Awards®Merit Cresode.COM Creative Top Award®
Carlsson Homepage AwardKjelles Award
Aljapaco Webb AwardAljapaco Webb Award - AWA Bronze
A Gadzillion Things To Think AboutGadzillion Award For Creative Thought on the Internet
View Awards & Details
(page 2)
Absolute Mystique Gem AwardBronze Gem Award
Ladyses Award Of ExcellenceLadyses Silver Award Of Excellence
CPSnet Web AwardsThe Excellent Site Award - White Seal
Megowan's MythsHigh Caliber Award
3.0View Awards & Details
(page 1)
Lecktronix PickSilver Award
The KillgoreAward of Excellence - Bronze Award
Touch Of Love (TOL) AwardsPerfect Balance Award
Alundain's AwardsContents Award
Cyberweb3 (CW3) AwardsDesign Excellence Award-Bronze
All Volunteer Yacht Club"This Site Floats" Award
Webworksite AwardsWebworksite Bronze Cool Site Award
DRH DesignDRH Design Merit for 2001
Michael's Award of ExcellenceMichael's Award of Excellence-Bronze
Eli's Homework Helpers AwardsBronze Homework Helpers Award
Walkers Business Support ServicesThe Johnny Lightning Award For Web Page Excellence
SpikeArtStudiosSilver Spike Award - Silver
Hawaii City - The Aloha AwardThe Aloha Award
1 Simple Guide® Award1 Simple Guide's Silver Award
View Awards & Details
(page 2)
Sequoia Home LoansSequoyah's Gold Award
The Assess Risk Web AwardAssessrisk Web Award
ThetopthemesThe Picintro Globe Award
Celtic Celebration AwardsCeltic Orders Of Excellence - Order Of the Wolf
Peaches AwardExcellence on the Web
AREA51 Excellent AwardAREA51 Excellent Award - Bronze Award
Whyte Myst's AwardsAward of Excellence
Diamonds of the Web AwardDiamonds of the Web Award
BigOscarBigOscar - Silver Award
Business AwardL A  Aluminum Casting Company
LadyJ's AwardInformative Site award
View Awards & Details
(page 3)
Creation Associates AwardCreation Associates
Mona Lisa Select Site AwardMona Lisa Select Site
Web Site of ExcellenceWeb Site of Excellence Awards - Gold Award
Jerry's Online AwardsJerry'a Music Site - Bronze Award
Weis-AwardsWeis-Awards - Silver Award
Southern Nytes AwardsSouthern Nytes Award Of Elegance
Joschi's AwardsAward of Excellence
Ever Eden Design Web Site AwardsEver Eden Design Golden Apple Award
Best of the Net Award Best of the Net Award
View Awards & Details
Patricia Skin CareExcellence Gold Award
KristiTop Site Award
Pete's PageCracking Good Site Award
KristiBest of the Best Award
SmartnewyorkerSmart Site Award
AC BouquetTip Of The Iceberg Award
View Awards & Details
The Jackson FamilyThe Jackson Family Silver Award of Excellence

Total 70

Other Awards

 View Awards & Details

I.A.W.M.D. The International Association of Web Masters and Designers2001-2002 Golden Web Award
I.A.W.M.D. The International Association of Web Masters and Designers2003-2004 Golden Web Award
Dark Highways and RunesofAo.comMillennium Award
Runes of Ao.comOrder of the Rose Award
Nemo (& Anita Meulstee) Rotterdam, the NetherlandsNemo's Silver Website Award
RunesofAo.comKitty GreyCat's Site of the Month Award
RunesofAo.comManiac's Future Award new

Total 8

Accolade Badge
View Awards & Details By "OZZ" AwardsWebmaster Accolade Badge

Total 1


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World Best Web Sites Awards


The Diamond Web Award

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Total 2

Honourable Award Givers are Members of the following Organisations.

AS =  Award Sites! Levels 1.0 - 5.0*
WTA =  World's Top Award - Rated
PEAC =  Paris Excellence Awards Club Levels 1-5
GTA =  German Top Award International Levels 1-6
UAG =  United Award Givers Classification Levels 1-10
Awards Index

| Award Index | 4.5 | 4.0 | 3.5 | 3.0 | 2.5 | 2.0 | Other Awards | Accolade Badge | Nominee | 

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Go to ToP - in LIFE too..!

With the blessings of God & your friendliest support, AghilhaM is in 11th year!
Browse, Surf, Navigate or Search THE LIFE, by Clicking the below mentioned Chapter/Page Links!
Explore the Unrevealed & Unknown!! Wish you Good Life!!!

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