I dedicate these 'Awards' to my LORD.
This is THE LORDíS doing.
I am thankful to Him.

And...we would also like to thank those who find AghilhaM,
worthy of their Prestigious Awards.

This help us increase the responsibility, the credibility and the professionalism of our site.
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Merit of Honor Award 
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"I truly enjoyed my visit. You have made a worthy contribution to the web community and earned our "Merit of Honor" award.

Your hard work shows. AghilhaM is nicely designed with excellent content. A site you can be proud of.

THE ACA Merit award is not easy to win and should be considered an 'Honor of Distinction', congratulations!!

Keep up the good work!!"

Patrisha Renz 

Your site was reviewed against the criteria, and evaluated on design, content, navigation, originality, creativity, award presentation, knowledge, graphics and overall impression. Because my Awards are difficult to achieve, your website is considered as an excellent reference on the Net.
Your new Awards symbolizes overall a very high standard in design and content and we are honored to see it within web pages
such as yours.

Kindest regards,

Rhonda - Rhonda's Expressions Awards
owner and manager!

Rhonda's Expressions Merit Award 
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