I dedicate these 'Awards' to my LORD.
This is THE LORDíS doing.
I am thankful to Him.

And...we would also like to thank those who find AghilhaM,
worthy of their Prestigious Awards.

This help us increase the responsibility, the credibility and the professionalism of our site.
If you would like to visit their site, just click on the 'Award Images'. (opens new window) 


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Creation Associates Award 
( 6 KB GIF 78 x 160 )

"Congratulations on winning the Creation Associates Award. Your web site shows that you put in the effort to showcase your talent. 

We at the Creation Associates commend 
you on a job well done."

Scott Clark

"It is an honor to consider your numerology site for the Mona Lisa Select Site Award.

The time you have invested in this site is 
a reflection of your commitment. You have created a very fine site that is wonderfully designed.
The pages load quickly and are
easy to navigate. 

I was also impressed with your wealth of content and choice of colors and inspired by the messages in the eMagazine. The size of the text displayed is large enough to read. I review all sites using Netscape 3, and the coding of your site is error free.

Yours did.

Steve Feld

Mona Lisa Select Site Award 
( 17 KB GIF 188 x 181 )

Web Site of Excellence Award 
( 53 KB GIF 200 x 200 )

"Congratulations you are a winner of one of 
our "Web Site of Excellence" awards. 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity 
to review your site for an award. You have a wonderful site and you are a great addition 
to the web."


"Hi And Congratulations,
You have worked very hard on your site
and it shows! You have a nice site with
great graphics."


Golden Unicorn "Bronze Award" 
( 7 KB JPG 160 x 152 )

Weis-Awards Silver Award 
( 15 KB JPG 142 x 185 )

"Thank you for such a lovely experience while visiting your site.

We would be honoured if you would accept our Weis-Awards Silver award."

Svetlana Sally Johnston


I was impressed by your webpage and 
the hard work you put into your site."


Southern Nytes Award of Elegance 
( 50 KB JPG 189 x 261 )

Award of Excellence 
( 18 KB GIF 200 x 220 )

"My little dog JOSCHI and I have just visited your site, and we really like it. That means, you have won Joschi's *Award of Excellence*.


Ulrich and JOSCHI

"Hello and congratulations,
Your site has been chosen to receive the
Ever Eden Design Golden Apple Award."

Ever Eden Design Staff

Ever Eden Design Golden Apple Award 
( 14 KB GIF 176 x 119 )
Best of the Net Award 
( 5 KB GIF 152 x 146 )Hi! Congratulations you won my award! After visiting your wonderful site, I am pleased to give you my Best of the Net Award! 

You truly deserve it and keep up the great work! :)


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