I dedicate these 'Awards' to my LORD.
This is THE LORDíS doing.
I am thankful to Him.

And...we would also like to thank those who find AghilhaM,
worthy of their Prestigious Awards.

This help us increase the responsibility, the credibility and the professionalism of our site.
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Sequoyah's Gold Award


We have
found your site worthy of Sequoyah's Gold Award."

Sequoia Home Loans

"We wish to confirm that your site meets the criteria established by the Assess Risk Web
Program. We would therefore like to present you with the assessrisk Web Award.

Well done and thank you for providing a site
that was interesting to review."

Wendy Sears
The Assess Risk Web Award

Assess Risk website award 
( 10 KB GIF 94 x 140 )

Best of the Globe Awards 
( 15 KB GIF 238 x 177 )

I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen for the Best of the Globe Award 2001,  the "Picintro Award".

I was very impressed by all the hard work you have put into the site and have to congratulate you on an outstanding achievement in web site
design, both in appearance and content. Your site is truly an exceptional presence on the web, reflecting the highest standards of creativity and professionalism. Keep up the good work!"

Bill Politis

"Hello I would like to Present you with the
Celtic Celebration Award - Order Of the Wolf for the time and commitment to creating your site.

I wish you continued success!"

Happy Surfin,

Celtic Celebration Award - Order Of the Wolf 
( 8 KB JPG 122 x 169 )

Excellence on the web - Peaches Award 
( 121 KB GIF 198 x 237 )

Hi  :) I enjoyed your site very much!

Peaches Award

It has been a pleasure visiting and reviewing your site. Your opening page is very promising and your site lives up to that. It's very clear that you make a real effort to serve your fellow men on the Net and in real life. Navigation through your site is simple and fast. You definitely created a special place on the Internet to visit with a very special subject.

You have done a great job, please continue
your great work."

Good luck with your site,
Louis Jackyllf

AREA51 Excellent Award - Bronze 
( 11 KB JPG 134 x 79 )

Award of Excellence 
( 21 KB JPG 215 x 237 )

"You've done a terrific job with your site..very pleasing to the eyes, the graphics are wonderful.

Keep up the great work!"


"With much pleasure, I am sending you
the Diamonds of the Web Award.

Congratulations, and best wishes."


Diamonds of the Web Award 
( 145 KB GIF 250 x 187 )

BigOscar - Silver 
( 7 KB GIF 195 x 100 )

"I have visited your Site: lot of work and nice content!

You win the "BigOscar ***", congratulations!!"

Vitor Oliveira


This award is given to business websites,
like yours, that has outstanding content 
and design. Your site has met our criteria 
to win the business award, with it's great 
graphics, organization, no broken links and 
educational content."

L A  Aluminum Casting Company

Business Award 
( 7 KB JPG 238 x 137 )

Informative Site award 
( 26 KB GIF 288 x 360 )

"Hi, I just came from your homepage and I'm proud to say you've earned my
Informative Site award!

Enjoy your award and show it with pride. You've earned it!"


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