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Comparison - Online Ads and other Offline Marketing Media


Online Ads is highly trackable - but, ANY Offline Marketing Advertisements MAY NOT, WILL NOT and CANNOT be  tracked, or EVEN assessed.

Online Ads can become an integral part of the relationship you have with your prospects and customers.

Online Ads Marketing can be EXTREMELY cost-effective if you clearly define your goals and expectations with regard to cost per lead.

Online Ads drive traffic.

Online Ads drive sales.

Online Ads drive revenue.

Online Ads provide quick lead generation.

Online Ads allow you to TEST the results, quickly and inexpensively.

Online Ads is an opportunity for customer dialogue.

Online Ads can help build your brand.


Almost everyone listens to radio. According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, radio reaches 77 percent of consumers daily, 95 percent of consumers weekly. A radio media buy can cast a very wide net, especially if you're buying network time across stations. Radio is great for brand building and can be good for direct response. But, it's hard to TRACK and also expensive.

Broadcast / Satellite TV

Sometimes referred to as a "shotgun" medium, TV is great for reaching a lot of people. You can target a demographic and plan media "weight" according to your campaign's goals. For instance, if you are doing an image and awareness campaign, your media weight would be considerably less than if your campaign had a sense of urgency, such as a going-out-of-business sale. Broadcast TV is an established brand-builder. Like radio, people can be moved from television to online. But, it's hard to TRACK and also very expensive.

Cable TV

Cable TV is more targeted than broadcast. You can buy by cable system. If you're in a metropolitan area and have broadcast television (without cable) in your media mix, your media weight would probably be more balanced by adding cable TV into the mix. The demographics of broadcast and cable TV vary, which must be taken into account. But, it's hard to TRACK and also expensive.

Print and Outdoor display hoardings and boarding

Advertising in newspapers, magazines, and other print media and display hoardings and boarding, can build brand awareness. You can build a call to action in the creative. Other opportunities include advertorials. Print and outdoor displays can be expensive on a cost-per-lead basis. But, it's hard to TRACK and also very expensive.


Telemarketing can be effective -- or not -- depending on your target audience. Everyone will agree telemarketing is intrusive. On a cost-per-lead basis, it can also be expensive.

Advantages of Online ads

1) Largest-scale of broadcast scope

There is no limit of time or space to an online ad. The internet delivers the ad information 24 hours non-stop to the whole world. Anyone at anytime can read the online ad. There is no other kind of media that can compare with this.

2) Easiest way to exchange information

An online ad is not like traditional media, spreading information one way only. It can exchange information both ways. The ad receivers take whatever the information that they think is useful, and the producers can receive feedback immediately from consumers through the internet. This is the biggest advantage of an online ad.

3) Predictable receivers

Internet users are the youngest, the most energetic, and the highest educated people who also have the strongest purchasing power. Online ads can help you target directly to the most possible future customers.

4) Able to count receivers accurately

It is hard to count how many people received your ad through the traditional media, but through the internet, we can get accurate statistics from the web hosting system. The producers also are able to know when and where the receivers have read their ads. This can provide very useful information to market researchers, and help producers to estimate the results and strategies of their ad placing.

5) Can make changes anytime at a low cost

It is very difficult and expensive to make changes after the ad is broadcast through the traditional media. It is easy to make changes promptly to suit the clients needs such as new policies or strategies for their products.

6) Intensive sensory ads

The receivers of online ads can get more information in detail if they are interested in a product. They can exam the product's services and brands through multiple media such as pictures, descriptions and sounds. The most wonderful thing is that they can place orders, negotiate and settle accounts right there online. This greatly enhances the results of the ads.

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