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Comparison - AghilhaM and Other Websites


It's not fair to compare one website with other.

But, for the reasons, mentioned below, it's a must to 'compare and study a website':

1. We invite you to place an advertisement order with us.

2. We must prove that our AghilhaM is worth for it.

3. It's for our promotion and for you too.

4. To get good result for your valuable investment.

5. To have a good and life-long relationship with you - without having any conflicts.


So, compare and come to a conclusion...!


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S.No Terms Explanation AghilhaM Other Websites Tips
1 Traffic - 
If a Web page contains five graphics and other elements, then accessing that page will generate six hits. So, the hits are no-way connected with the traffics. We don't claim the hits as traffic. Some websites used to claim only the hits as traffic.

Study the Traffic Rankings and other site info details 
of and 'compare' with other websites - (service certified by Alexa)
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2 Traffic - Page Impressions The number of times a Web page is requested from a server. It counts documents, not individual files. A single HTML page is counted as one page impression.  At present, having approximately than 100,000 page impressions per month. 'Study' their claims and compare.
3 Traffic - Unique users The activity by one user on a Web site during a fixed time-frame (including all hits). At present, having more than 30,000 users per month. 'Study' their claims and compare.
4 Website size - Number of pages The total number of separate documents in a website At present, having more than 2,500 pages. Check Ask
5 Tariff - For placing only one ad in one page? 'One ad, in one page, in one website' Tariff covers for placing ads in more than 2,500 pages and can submit maximum 5 different images which will be displayed by random rotational. Mostly in one page or on some particular pages. Clarify
6 Tariff - For which Position Consistent Position is an important factor on a web page, for easy visibility. Fixed positions, as per the agreement. Check Clarify
7 Trackability A software program that manages and maintains online ads for the advertisers to access by themselves. Advertiser can view and study their banners in 'Real Time Statistics' of Impressions, Clicks and CTR - Click-Thru Ratios; change password. Some used to have. Clarify
8 Target audience The nature of visitors - by geographically, by their usability, by their interest. Global - visitors from more than 50 countries, mainly from US, UK, Australia, Canada, Middle-East & South-East countries and India. Clarify Clarify
9 Search Engines A website's popularity and traffic is based on Search Engines Please refer: About: AghilhaM, Search Engines & Site Promotion! (new window) Check Clarify
10 Certificates To keep the Internet, a 'healthy' place for everybody. SafeSurf, Labeled with ICRA - Internet Content Rating Association, approved by  Family Friendly Sites & CyberSitter (all  open in new windows) Check Clarify
11 Copyright The nature of the content and all the elements - whether original, borrowed or infringed...? Contents and all the elements are 'legally' International copyrighted at US. Check Clarify
12 Privacy Policy A statement used by Web sites to explain how a company protects the privacy of the information it aggregates about its users. It discloses how the site collects, uses, and shares your personal information. Having and strictly adhering with the Privacy Policy, Generated by: Privacy Wizard (new window) Check Clarify
13 Ethics The morality and the principle of the website Refer AghilhaM's Ethics (new window) Check Clarify
14 Awards Usually presented by some Award Programmers, to recognize the quality of the work of a website. Received more than 70 International Awards. (new window) Check Clarify
15 Online since Website's web presence 5th, April, 1999 Check Clarify
16 Nature of the site The 'theme' of a website Life related subject, with plenty of free references and services. Study Clarify
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