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Why only some are so 'brisk'?



Mostly, the briskness and laziness depends upon the situation, place, purpose, time, mood etc.

But, some will be always brisk, whereas some will be always lazy, irrespective of anything.

Both 'always so brisk' and 'always so lazy' are not so good!

Only the people, who is having one single number of 5, anywhere in his Birth Segment, Calling Name(s) and Name Segment, will be brisk.

They will be more brisk, if 5 repeats more than ones.

If 5 is associated with 9, then, they will be 'dangerously' brisk.


If anybody wants to be brisk, they can modify/change their Calling Name(s) or Name Segments to the value of 5, so that they will not be lazy!




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