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Why do I have frequent injuries?



'Injuries' are a  very common factor to everybody.


But only few used to have frequent injuries. They will be having so many 'scars' throughout their body either by injuries or by any 'surgical treatment'.


If the combination of the following numbers come, 
either in Birth Segment, or in single digit value of Calling Name(s) and Name Segments, then they will have to face, injuries or surgical treatments:
9, 8, and 1.


Even a single number of '9' in the Birth Segment, 
Calling Name(s) and Name Segment, alone will stimulate the 'influences'!


One will have higher Risks if 9 or 8 or 1 repeats with the same numbers of 9, 8, and 1.


If number combination of 1 & 9 comes, either in Birth Segment, 
or in Calling Name(s) and Name Segments, 
then they will certainly have 'scars' in their head.


If 1, 8, and 9 are associated with 5, then also, the chances will be more.


If anybody NOT having the combination of 9, 8, and 1 or repeated numbers of 9, 8, and 1, but having either 8 or 1 along with any other numbers, WILL NOT have any kind of risks!


So, avoiding 9 or 8 or 1 values, in the Calling Name(s) and in the Name Segments, it can be prevented.


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