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Why do some used to 'beat'?



Our intention is not to hurt or to embarrass or to blame anybody.

Everyone will get anger, depends upon the situations.

Of course 'angry' is a 'must' at some necessary times.  

But angry will be different by way of expressing emotionally or by way of 'beating' by using bare-hands or by using weapons, which are all available.

We are giving this reference and suggestions, only for the good sake of the people, who 'do' so.


Anybody, who do have single number of 9, anywhere in their Birth Segment, Calling Name(s) and Name Segment, will used to 'do' it!

They will 'do' more, if 9 repeats more than ones or 9 is associated with 3, and 5.

They should NOT handle any kind of weapons.

They CAN be easily tamed by 'soft' approaches.



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