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Why do some women have 'hair growth' on their body?



We, from our Segment Numerology, claim and challenge, that the hair growth will occur to woman, not just because of medical reasons or heredity alone.


Hair will grow to women, only if they are having single numbers of 1 or 3 or 9, or it's combinations, anywhere in her Birth Segment, Calling Name(s) and Name Segment. 

The hair growth will be more, if 1 or 3 or 9 repeats more than ones.


A woman, who is NOT having single numbers of 1, 3 and 9, will not have hair growth.


Check! Check the truth!! Check by yourselves!!!

Ask us to prove!

Persons like scientists, scholars, researchers, rationalists, mathematicians, skeptics, medical professionals and genealogists must have 'The moral social responsibility' to prove or to disprove our theory, concepts or methods.

Ask us to prove!


It can also be prevented and treated by balancing the Number Segments.



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