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Is there any reason for 'resemblances'?



Why the resemblance of the children in a family, are not been uniform?


Why some look like mother, some look like father, and some look not like anybody?

Mannerism, body gesture, tone, voice, voice  modulation, posture, way of emotion, walking style,  dressing sense, color sense, skin tone, hair growth &  style, food habits, taste, smelling sense, nose  formation, skin sense, eyes, ear formation, mouth, lip  and teeth formation, overall physical appearance,  general behaviours, etc., can be 'sensed' as 'the  resemblances'!


We claim that these resemblances are NOT ONLY because of GENES or GENOME, but also because of the parents' Birth Segments!


Check by referring the chapter of 'Amazing Resemblance of the Child as per the Birth Segments of Father and Mother'. 



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