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Why ups or downs occur after marriage?



The Marriage is not an ending, as shown in love subject movies!

But it is the real starting of life.


We can divide one's life as Before Marriage and After Marriage.

If any ups or downs happens to one, who doesn't marry or Before Marriage, then, nobody will criticise his/her life or his/her partner.

But anything happens After Marriage, then everybody will criticise his/her life or his/her partner.

After Marriage life is entirely different. It's a new life to both of them. Life, it's position, development, ups, downs, etc., etc., are not at all directly associated with the marriage.

There might be plenty of other reasons too.


So, for Heaven's sake, please 
don't criticise or blame, the life partner or marriage!


It's the responsibility of the couple, to have a good understanding, to lead a good life, to have 'ups' in life, to be a good example in the society and so on.

If not having good life partner or not leading a good life after marriage, then they are fortunate...! If they concentrate on their own individual life, then, they can easily come up to the extreme level.


Plan, but don't dream!
LIVE, but don't worry!!
MARRY, but don't fear!!!


Good Luck! God Bless you!!



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