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Why he/she doesn't love me?



Let the him/her be your lover or your husband/wife.

You are in love with him/her. Fine...!

But, why he/she doesn't love you...?

There might be plenty of reasons. But from our  concept, we can clarify, justify and prove, as below:

There may be two reasons for, "Why he/she doesn't love you?"

1. He/she may dislike you.
2. He/she may think you as a friend, but not ready to love you.


Reason for 1: His/her Name or Name Segment  would have attracted you, with your own Name,  Name Segment and Birth Segment. 

Check your Name Segment (pop-up / new)

Check your Name Value (pop-up / new)

But for him/her, his/her Birth Segment (Not Name  Segment) might not have any attraction on you.

Check your Birth Segment (pop-up / new)


Reason for 2: Both of your Names or Name  Segments might have mutual friendship attraction  on each other.

But, his/her Birth Segment (Not Name Segment)  might not have any love attraction on you.


By referring, checking, comparing, clarifying and  analysing the differences between Find your true  helping friends...! and Check your love, soul mate,  compatibility, suitability, companionship, living  togetherness you, yourself could find the  answers.




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