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What'll be the effect of 'Worst Marriage Matching'?



'The Worst Marriage Matching' will spoil  both of them.

Then, they will spoil their children.

They will spoil the surroundings.

They will spoil even the society.

Husband, wife, their children, neighbours, relatives, friends and  everybody will suffer.


Even though 'it' has happened already, if they have 'will', they could solve the problems.

They could make the worst to the best.


If any of you is going to get married, please, please ask yourself, ask your inner mind, 

"Do my intuition, inner mind say, 'Yes'...?
"Am I prepared...?", 
"Am I convinced...?", 
"Have I fully compromised...?", 
"Am I still to think over it...?", 
"... ... ... ...?"


You, yourself decide, which life, do you want to have...?


Please refer Marriage, and also Check your love, soul mate, compatibility, suitability, companionship, living togetherness, proposals, marriage 
matching ...!




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