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What is the use of Segment Numerology?



The use of Segment Numerology depends on, 'How we take it' and 'How we utilise it' for our life success'.

The theory of Segment Numerology is not like Astrology or even the 'so called Numerology', not even Faith-based.

Everyone will have one Birth Segment and more than one Name Segments apart from Single Calling Name.

One can easily check and compare the genuineness of Segment Numerology by reffering,

Birth Segment with blood related relatives, 
Analysing Family Relationships, 
Male/Female cross behaviours, 
Falling into sudden love and attraction,
Getting married,
Health Risks and Heredity Diseases and 
Finally 'facing the DEATH'.

Understanding the concept and utilising it, will definitely help to live a harmonious life!

If you want to know more in details, please refer Numerological Value of Names, Numerological Value of Sound, Relationship of Names & Sound, Numerological Ready References, Segment Numerology Genealogy Research.



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